Midori Japan

Midori: 5-Year Diary Embroidery Flower [Beige]

$270 MYR

A journal with colourful and beautiful embroidery flower cover. You can meet yourself in last year. You can write your today's record while reading what you were doing today in last year. It's a 5 years continuous diary that allows you to unexpectedly "reunite" with forgotten special events, and enjoys the - that grows with time. 


In order to protect the embroidery over the years, it comes with a PVC cover.
Brand Midori
Dimensions 18.5 x 11.7 x 2.8cm
Number of Pages 366
Specifications Diary Page: 6mm lined, 366 pages for 5 years / Thread sewn binding, with a bookmark, 3 pages of appendix

Cover: Cloth with embroidery, Gold-foil stamping (Back cover), Paper: MD Paper

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