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Mizushima: Mini Letter Writing Set - Shapes

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Paper, Tracing Paper

Number of Pages


Letter Paper: 9.3 x 12cm
Envelope: 10 x 6.5cm


3 envelopes in tracing paper,
6 sheets of letter paper and
6 sheets of paper printed in Mizushima signature's shapes

As convenient as emails and instant messaging can be, there's just something irreplaceable about receiving something in the mail that's just for you (apart from the monthly bills of course!).

Why not show someone special how much you care with a handwritten letter they can cherish for a lifetime?

This beautiful letter set by Mizushima is just what you need to get started.

Contains 3 envelopes in tracing paper, 6 sheets of letter paper and 6 sheets of paper printed in Mizushima signature's shapes.