NEW! 010 Repair Kit [Spare Colours]

$50 MYR

Everyone needs a little TLC from time to time, and that includes your trusty TRAVELER'S notebook. With the addition of Olive, Repair Kit will be available in two new colours: Standard Colours with five colours of elastic bands (black, brown, camel, blue and olive) originally attached to the body, and Spare Colours with five colours (red, orange, green, mustard and blue-grey) which is the spare rubber band that included in every starter kit.

This handy repair kit enables you to replace the existing rubber strap, bookmark string and tin fastener on the cover of your notebook when it breaks or loosens, or perhaps if you just want to give your TRAVELER'S notebook a trendy makeover. Definitely a useful kit to have on hand for any TN enthusiast.

* What's included: 5 spare bands - 1m each (5 colours), 2 bookmark strings - 40cm each, 1 tin fastener

* Suitable for both Regular and Passport size.

Dimensions 20.7 x 11cm (Packaging)
Materials Rubber, string

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