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NEW! MD Correction Tape

$20 MYR

Only 2 pieces in stock!

Designed to be a Companion for Your MD Notebook

A cream colored correction tape designed specially for the MD Notebook,
to maintain the beauty that has captured so many hearts. The tape and case are both made from synthetic resin consisting of 51% paper and 49% polypropylene so that can be disposed of in combustible garbage in Japan.

The paper material gives the case a pleasing matte feel in your hand that is completely different from your average plastic box. With a similar color and texture to MD PAPER, the tape blends into the page as if your errors never happened.

The tape is 6mm wide so that it fits neatly in the 7mm line spaces of the MD Notebook without covering the lines.

Brand Midori
Dimensions H68 x W27 x D13mm
Materials Made of MAPUKA, synthetic resin with paper powder 

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