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Paper Cover for MD Notebook

$68 MYR

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In order for you to cherish something, and use it for years to come, it has to be of fine quality. This removable paper cover serve as a "house" for MD Notebook, to keepsake your memories written on MD Notebook. 

With a natural texture and a sense of purity that enhance the comfort of using the MD Notebook, this cover is perfectly suited to your notebook.

The creases in the paper give an extra depth of character and although you may need a little courage, if you scrunch up the cover you can create an aged look with further depth of expression.

Brand Midori
Dimensions A5: 22 x 31cm (When Open)
B6 Slim: 18.5 x 22.5cm (When Open)
A6: 15.8 x 22.5cm (When Open)
Material Thick Córdoba Paper with Stitched Corner

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