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PaperPhine: Strong Paper Twine (Small Bobbins) - Orange

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Vintage bobbin: 60mm Height, 55mm Diameter


Total length: 30m,
Diameter of this paper twine: Approximate 0.9mm - 1mm

PaperPhine's Paper Twines combine durable duty with wonderful, carefully selected colours that range from funky and young to sophisticated elegance. All of the paper twines are hand-washable and have a wonderful, warm feeling and a bit of a "papery shine". 

Suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, basket weaving, gift wrapping, flowermaking, jewellery making, etc.  


(Notes: Above image from official website is closer to the actual colour)

Rinse or hand wash with warm water if necessary. No wringing or dry spinning, please. Let it dry flat if possible. Paper twines are also used in carpet making - so they're extremely sturdy and durable.