PaperPhine: Strong Paper Twine (Small Bobbins) - Red

$48 MYR

Only 1 piece in stock!

PaperPhine's Paper Twines combine durable duty with wonderful, carefully selected colours that range from funky and young to sophisticated elegance. All of the paper twines are hand-washable and have a wonderful, warm feeling and a bit of a "papery shine". 

Suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, basket weaving, gift wrapping, flowermaking, jewellery making, etc.  

Total length: 30m

Vintage bobbin: 60mm Height, 55mm Diameter

Diameter of this paper twine: Approximate 0.9mm - 1mm

Rinse or hand wash with warm water if necessary. No wringing or dry spinning, please. Let it dry flat if possible. Paper twines are also used in carpet making - so they're extremely sturdy and durable.

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