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Tabiyo: “Dear Paper Lovers” Paper Pad

$16 MYR

\ Dear Paper Lovers /

Although these papers are named “Industrial Paper”, they are, in fact, used in our daily lives. Since they are mass produced, we cannot usually purchase them in small quantities.

Here at Tabiyo, we would like to share them with all the paper lovers out there. We gather them on a small pad, to place into your Traveler’s Notebook, or bring it on the go for crafting pleasures.

Mixtures of 5 different types of paper - Glassine Paper, Pure White Paper (Thick & Thin), “Ta-bu-ro” Paper, Typewriter Paper and 3 sheets of printed motif sourced from Japan. A paper specifications is included.

 Brand Tabiyo
Size 7.5 x 21 x 0.3cm 
Material Paper (Total 22 sheets)

Japan, Hand-binded in Tabiyo

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