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Tabiyo: “Dear Paper Lovers” v5

$32 MYR

\ Dear Paper Lovers v5 /

A travel pack, a sample pack, a starter kit, a "first-aid-kit" for birthday emergency or a craft workshop - this is a compilation of beautiful illustrated letter paper and memo sheets from Japanese illustrator/ brand: Nishi Shuku and Subiakawa.

Since they are usually sell in a pack, and sometime we may only need a few. Hence, we gather them on a small pad, to place into your TRAVELER'S Notebook, this is also a "Travel Pack" for you to bring it along when travelling or on-the-go. We love to have them in our journal to create different layers and to add a little splash of colours/ texture. With this, you never know when you need to write something for your new friends in your journey.

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