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Tabiyo: “Dear Paper Lovers” v6

$24 MYR

\ Dear Paper Lovers v6 /

A travel pack, a sample pack, a starter kit, a "first-aid-kit" for birthday emergency or a craft workshop - this is a compilation of the latest card collection from our favourite brands - Classiky.

Since they are usually sell in a pack, and sometime we may only need a few. Hence, we gather them on a small envelope, to place into your TRAVELER'S Notebook, this is also a "Travel Pack" for you to bring it along when travelling. With the petite cards, you never know when you need to write something for your new friends in your journey.

You can also see it as a "Sample Pack" before you made your decision to get a whole pack :)

Brand Tabiyo
Quantity Total 22 pieces (11 design x 2/ea)
Material Mixture of paper & cards

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