TRAVELER'S Notebook (Passport Size) Starter Kit in OLIVE

$235 MYR

A canvas for artists. A journal for writers. And an album for adventurers. The TRAVELER'S notebook is a universe of its own where your innermost thoughts, musings and memories are inscribed. The olive colour was inspired by the deep colour of virgin forests with roots that stretch back to prehistoric times. We aimed to create a colour that evokes a journey into the outdoors.

A wide range of refillable inserts make the notebook highly versatile, while a sturdy leather sleeve keeps its precious contents safe. Each cover, vegetable tanned and cut by hand in Chiang Mai, becomes softer and more beautiful over time as it travels with you.

Held together with a simple rubber band and a tin clasp, the inside is filled with accessories of your choice, so no two notebooks are ever alike.

The Passport-sized TRAVELER'S notebook, favoured by many of our male customers, is a boardroom staple and useful travel buddy. It's the perfect size for keeping your passport and fits comfortably in messenger bags, most purses and even some pockets. At work, use it to plan your day and stay productive and organised. As pragmatic as it is portable, this little TRAVELER'S notebook is set on being your constant companion, personal assistant and confidante.

So, are you ready to begin your adventure? 

Cotton Bag: 15.3 x 12cm
Leather Cover: 13.4 x 10.5cm
Blank Notebook: 12.4 x 8.9cm (64 pages)
Specifications Come with a spare rubber band in blue-grey
Material Cowhide leather cover, MD Paper

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