TRC 2024: Weekly Refill (Passport Size)

$55 MYR $78 MYR

The perfect replacement or addition to your much loved TRAVELER'S Notebook.

This diary is designed in 7-day week format for 28 weeks/ 6 months in each refill (comes in 2 refills), with additional blank space for extra notes. Great for planning out your week at school or work, tracking progress, or remembering important events and encounters.

Brand TRAVELER'S Company
Specifications Annual calendar/ Annual schedule/ Monthly schedule/ Weekly schedule (Jan - June 2024; July - December 2024)/ Memo/ Journal guide (with stickers)
Number of Pages 68 pages x 2 books
Dimensions 12.4 x 8.9 x 0.8cm
Material MD Paper (Sewn Bound)

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