How-To 4 & 5: Make a Pom-Pom & Tassel with Avril Yarn

Just recently, we have the chance to visit Avril's shop located in Tokyo. We are truly amazed by the entire collection that they have in store! The original purpose of Avril yarn are mainly for knitting and crocheting, and as per my knowledge, I thought knitting can only use those traditional looking yarn until we discovered about Avril yarn year ago. Thanks to their interesting design and patterns, although we don't use based on their original purposes, we definitely enjoy using them for packaging and gift wrapping! 

When we were there, I took the opportunity to learn something new from Avril shop. They offer me to learn some simple technique which no tools needed (eg. finger crochet) by using their accessory kit (mainly from Peracone series) such as hair pin, hair band, broach, tassel, necklace and many more.

On our recent IGTV/ this post, we are happy to share with you on what we've learn from them and we get to apply it to our stationery and even for daily usage. We hope you find this useful and enjoy the moment of create :)


How-To 4: Make a Pom-Pom hairpin with Avril Yarn

Featured product in this video:

How-To 5: Make a tassel with Avril Yarn

Featured product in this video:

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