How to use HIBINO diary?

HIBINO - your everyday's content

This A6 size "two-page-a-day" diary has all the room you need to jot down every little detail of your day. This diary comes in at a whopping 768 pages — but don't worry, with ultra-light Tomoe River thin paper, it's still lightweight and handy to carry around! It's the perfect pick for all lifestyles, working as both a notebook and diary.

PVC cover with gold-foiled stamping

Write down your daily thoughts and activities on 2 pages per day! Enjoy plenty of space for your daily entries.

Monthly block in a glance

"Future log" session for monthly goal and task



Below are some of the various usage examples, based on your lifestyle, allow for flexible application.

Lifelog with illustrations

Schedule of the day & illustrations

1 page for work related notes, another page for personal diary entry

Study notes

Journal for the growth and development of children

Recipe / one-point journal

Task / meeting of the day

Everyday doodles

                                                   ............... and more!



What type of paper are you using?

We are using Tomoe River paper for our Hibino diary. This thin and lightweight paper is ideal for journaling.

May I know the size and weight?

Size: H152 x W115 x D28mm; Weight: approximate 322g

Please provide information on compatible writing instruments.

Fountain pen ○
Water-based gel pen ○
Oil-based ballpoint pen ○
Oil-based gel pen ✕
(Usage example:)
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