Tabiyo New Logo

Tabiyo new logo is out! So happy to finally did a suitable logo for our lovely shop :)

The meaning of "tabiyo" is "Let's Travel" in Japanese. Since Midori Traveler's Notebook is our main product and we love it so much, our goal is to encourage everyone (incl. ourselves) to travel around the world - no matter local or go abroad. We believe travel can widen up our knowledge, make one person wiser and it may even change a person's perspective.

On this new logo, we emphasized at "O" with a vintage luggage tag that represents a globe, a circle - We should explore the nature of earth whenever we can, there is no limit and there shouldn't have any boundary to prohibit those except ourselves.

So, shall we grab our luggage, Traveler's Notebook and let's travel? :) 


This is the transformation from idea to the final stage.



Special thanks to best friend - CS who helps us to turn the idea to a physical logo.

Last but do not least, we will remember you - an envelope which helps us to accumulate experience, knowledge and the up-and-down at tabiyo for the last 1.5 years :)



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