The Dog Island

Inujima (犬島), literally means "Dogs Island", it's a very small island. You probably could finish walking around the island within half day. You might not be able to find any vending machine, any convenient store on this island, the two things which are very prevalent in Japan. Shopping and lodging are really limited on this island.

This island once prospered in old days as the beginning of the copper refining industry. As the cooper refinery plant shut down, the population has declined drastically and only 56 people inhabited on the island in 2008. In order to stimulate tourism to the island, an“Art House Project”was designed in 2008. The refinery plant was not demolished after its closure. Now, the refinery plant has been transformed to Inujima Seirensho Art Museum as a destination for art lovers.

Inujima is characterized by these tall smokestacks which rise up from the ruins of the copper refinery plant.

 I found a very unique toilet  in the Seirensho Art Museum, Photos were taken after I made sure there's no any other people inside the toilet. 

After finished the tour at the Seirensho Art museum, I had a walk at a small village which is near to the museum.There are five galleries scattered across the small village. The architecture of the contemporary art work fits very well  into the old neighbourhood combining a nice yet odd contrast of old and modernity in a rural village. 

The famous Rabbit chair  designed by Sanaa

Personally, I love the a-art house the most, which is a transparent pavilion, with vibrantly colored floral motif encompassing the exterior skin.

People can walk in and out through a single space.

Another art installation just finished recently. The Giant Dog Head. (Photos: Courtesy of Hana Lai)

The statue of the dog head is about five-meter-long, transported to the island by a boat. 

(Photo by PA pics) Taken from

Best Boat Phots giant dog head in japan

It was a great experience to visit Setouchi Triennale, the art works from different artist are whimsical yet inspiring to me. 


~The end of the artistic island trip~




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