Discontinued Items from Classiky

Based on the latest order sheet by Classiky (May 2016), here is the list of discontinued/ end of production items:

1. Magazine Paper Memo Pad - Red and Green

2. Wax Paper Tag

3. Craft Log Collage Stamp Seal

4. Address Label

5. Craft Log Collage Tag Paper

6. Craft Log Envelope

7. Onion Skin Paper Pad

8. Craft Log Stamp Seal 6 pcs

9. Craft Log Number Stamp

10. Craft Log Postcard

11. Porcelain Stamp - Little Match Girl & Catnap

12. Water Activated Seal

13. Kokeshi Doll Exlibris

14. Post Package 

15. Kraft Paper Tape (SOLD OUT)

16. Outotsusha series: Letterpress Diary Book, Flip Book Memo Pad, Letterpress Envelope, Letterpress Letter Set

17. Wooden Postal Stamp - Handle With Care (SOLD OUT)

18. Classiky Washi Tape/ Grid series: Single roll (18mm), Set of 3 (18mm) , Single roll (12mm), Set of 3 (12mm) (SOLD OUT)

19. Silk Paper Memo Pad (SS) - Mouse Gray

20. Glassine Paper Pad (SOLD OUT)

21. Craft Log Stamp (SOLD OUT)

22. Envelope Tag (S) Natural (SOLD OUT)

23. Wax Paper Wrapping Pad (SOLD OUT)

24. Numbering Memo Pad - 5mm Graph Paper (SOLD OUT)

25. Tracing Paper Envelope in Grid - S (SOLD OUT)

We are really sorry to see them go, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. 


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