The Art of Sending Love (Post No. 1)

Hello to paper lover out there!

I have decided to share and keep a memory for each mail and gift that I've packed and share it in this blog. I will also share the products that I've used for the mail/ gift, hope you will find this useful!

Petite gift for someone special (30 August 2016) 

Things to prepare:

A petite box, scissors, washi tape, double-sided tape, dried flower, and 3 other items as per listed below.

1. Wrapping paper from Tosawashi Products - Letterpress Washi Letter Paper

2. Paper twine from Paperphine

3. Wax seal in Botanical Illustrations - Dahlia

Add a heart-felt note by using Letterpress Label Book from Classiky!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the quiet moment by doing this :)


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