MT Factory Tour Vol.3

Hi everyone! 

Last week, YF and I joined MT Factory tour Vol.3 which held in Kurashiki, It's glad that we were able to get the opportunity to visit the factory. It requires online application before joining the tour.There were so many people applied for the tour until we could not get a seat on to the same bus. 

It was such a nice day! The departure location is close to the Kurashiki Station, just 3 minutes walking distance. And, even the bus is decorated by masking tape.

It took about 20 minutes from Kurashiki station to Kamoi Kakoshi Factory. Upon arrival, we're greeted and given a linen bag and inside the bag there are MT candy and special edition of masking tape. Very nice of them! Photographing is prohibited inside the factory, no photo is taken. However, you can refer to this website, to find out how MT tape is made.

And, we got to feel and touch the 'freshly' made MT tape coming out from the machine. Everybody was excited and thought that the freshly made MT roll would be warm/ hot in hand , but found out the roll was just as the same as the room temperature. 

And then, we were brought to another newly renovated warehouse.

Every vehicle here is decorated by MT tape, how lovely !

The first floor is like a reference room, displaying the history of Kamoi kakoshi and their old and current products.

They actually first started their business with Fly Catch Paper in 1923, and followed by paper adhesive tape, kraft adhesive tape, cloth adhesive tape etc...

In 1980, they began the production of Rat Catcher, an adhesive tape to catch rat and mouse.

Developed into the masking tape that you and me are using now.

We moved on to see an art installation which is created by an Australian artist PIP&POP using colorful MT tape.

It is time to hunt for limited edition of MT tape which you only can get them in this tour. It's glad that Tabiyo shop is able to bring them back for you. Stay tuned!

MT decorated shopping carts.

Have a glimpse of these limited edition MT tapes!

There is a work space to make your own MT craft.

 And, this is what we received from the tour.

That's it for our MT factory tour! Chao!




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Hi. My name is Loren and I am from Philippines.Thanks for this post. It got me interested of joining the tour. However, how can one join the tour? Is it open to regular tourist? Hope you’ll find time to reply to my queiries. Thank you. More power.

Loren May 06, 2014

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