Previously we blogged about our MT factory tour in Kurashiki. After the tour, we walked to Kurashiki Bikan Area, which is not far from Kurahshiki Station.

We spent the entire morning at the MT factory, we were desperately looking for lunch.


 We found a restaurant which collaborated with MT factory, with an order of food  and showing the MT pass to them, we could receive a free MT tape . The restaurant is famous for its curry.

These photos were taken last month, it was just good timing to capture the sakura view at Kurashiki. I visited Kurashiki before during summer, it's scotching hot but the view was still very nice.

For me, Kurashiki is like a little Kyoto, but a more tranquil place, not packed with tourist as in Kyoto.

This is the view in summer and the green takes over the place.

You can enjoy more greenery in the summer and it is coming soon.

Besides, Kurashiki is home to famous Bizen Pottery.

If you're into pottery, Japanese paper and Japanese craft, I would suggest you to visit Kurashiki. You will amazed by the modest beauty and charm of the town.


Lee Ming

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