Some hit products in 2012

 Watched a tv program last few days introduced about some hit products, people, food in 2012. Never thought of this mascot also being put into the list, undeniably, it is really a very hit 'product' in Japan. You can see it appears at almost everywhere, printed on the packaging, souveniers, stationaries, keychains, the standboard etc.  In Japan, there are mascot for every prefecture.  This is IT, the Kumamon, representing Kumamoto.


(Photo is taken from mai blog)

 Another hit product of 2012 is this - Frixion ball pen. It is a erasable pen, no need to worry about making writing error on cards anymore!Erase and rewrite again and again without leaving scratches on your documents. No wear or tear. They are actually using the thermo-sensitive gel ink formula which will dissappear by the friction generated heat when you're trying to erase.

  (Photo is taken from kobundo-net)

Mouse scanner - one of the hit product 2012. Much easier and quicker compared to the traditional scanner, you just need to plug in the usb mouse scanner into your pc and simply press on the scan button then can start to scan the document you want. Different from the traditonal scanner, just simply swipe the mouse to any part of the documents or news you would like to scan. Plus, it allows editting includes trimming, adjustment of angles, adjustment of brightness as well.


For those who want to keep their house clean all the time, probably you can invest this, Cocorobo from Sharp. May be robot vacuum cleaner sound familiar, but this one could be controlled by voice. And, it has a camera and wireless LAN connectivity, capable to connect ot internet with your smarphone. So if you're eagerly wanting to know the condition of your room, you can check remotely by intalling the apps. Also, I think this may help to reduce the occurence of back pain or allergic rhinitis too.

What do you think about these products?



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Interesting! Especially the mouse scanner :D

yf February 05, 2013

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