Beginning of February

Here is some of the things that happen around us and Tabiyo at the beginning of February :)


Love the masking tape from Traveler's Factory to max.


More orders coming in. I'm glad that more and more people know about Traveler's Notebook in Malaysia.


We received an order from Switzerland. Tabiyo is travelling! 


My Valentine's gift is an "instant back" for my Diana+, what you need to do is attach it to the back of Diana+, it will become an instant camera, just like a Polaroid Camera. I tried to snap the first photo of my Traveler's Notebook, it over-exposed! Thus, I filled it out myself using a marker :D


A birthday gift from husband to wife. How sweet he is. Based on the nature of the wife, we customized a special package for him to her.

It was a great week, we are now looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year with our family and friends :)

To all travelers, drive safe, wishing you a prosperous new year, and happy holiday!

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