Go Go Summer

Hi all, how are you? It's getting really hot in Japan. It's still not the hottest month in Japan, today some place already hit 39 C. In winter, you'll see snow, in spring you'll see sakura, in autumn you'll see momiji in Japan. What can we see and do something special in the summer?

Regardless of the high temperature, a lot of big and small matsuri (festival) are going to take place across Japan and attract many tourist. Most of the festivals are held annually, such as Fireworks festival, Gion festival, Obon odori etc.

Not many tourist has the opportunity to join the "Yukata Matsuri" in the a Japan's university. It's fun and you'll see many people dressed in summer kimono called Yukata and people in peculiar costumes.

I love to see people wearing it, I like the prints and colour on yukata.

 Some people are trying to stand from the crowd to attract people to buy their food.

 Some people are trying to stand from the crowd to attract people to buy their food.


Look at him, haha... Good way to attract customer huh?

Also, there were performance like acappella, break-dancing and rock band.

There's lot of stalls selling Japanese street food, like yakisoba ( fried noodle), karaage ( fried chicken), hot cake, shredded ice etc

I also found Malaysian stall in the yukata matsuri, their pisang goreng and cucur sold out really fast on that day !

The guy on the left is wearing jinbei, the guy on the left is wearing guy's yukata.

Some food we bought. All of them were prepared by the students from the university. This is the taiyaki with red bean filling.

Takoyaki with mayonaise senbei sandwich.


This one is packed with carbohydrate, fried rice with soba.



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