mt expo Singapore

Finally the long-awaited mt expo is landed in our neighboring country -- Singapore! 

Instead of admiring them in front of monitor on how beautiful is this event held at Japan, now we have the chance to step on the colorful flooring all done by mt tape. How cool is that?

The hall space is not as big as I imagined, nevertheless, I believe this is a very good platform to introduce mt masking tape to all people around :)

Unfortunately, limited edition especially for Singapore themed was all sold out! 

The latest "maki-maki" -- a tool for you to make another roll of masking tape for easy to bring around or as an exchange with friends.

A stack of limited edition which I have been eye-ing for. You have to get a token (SGD 2.50 each), put it into Gatcha-Gatcha machine, if you got the one with "ATARI" written on kraft paper, you get the chance to choose your favorite tape from here! 

So this is how the Gatcha-Gatcha machine look like. 


Please feel free to make a trip to Singapore for shopping and eating, meanwhile you can spend some time to support mt expo, starting from now until August 11th. 

Venue: ION Art Gallery, Level 4, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801, +65 6238 8228

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