The Summer Spark

Previous post mentioned about what we can do in summer in Japan. One of the must-do is going to fireworks festival.

Many people was seating picnic-like,  usually many Japanese were trying to reserve a seat with vinyl mats in the afternoon, and came back to the festival site before the fireworks start. It was a humid and hot day!


See! The seats were crowded with people now, with a hand holding their beer, chit-chatting and eating. 

Start of the show!

 The fireworks started from 8pm until 9pm. The fireworks display were separated into few sessions.

Each session last from 1- 3 minutes and the fireworks display was accompanied with music.

Since the festival held at a port, you can see some beautiful fireworks launched from water surface.

The other fireworks patterns of the firework display.

These are some of the best fireworks photos taken by my Iphone, there were more spectacular fireworks patterns actually.



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