An "artistic" island tour - Teshima Island (豊島)

Let's continue with my artistic tour! After leaving Naoshima island, I took a boat to Teshima, it's another rainy day. My friend and I chose to take bus and walked around the island this time, since we felt a bit tired to cycle around. As the bus moved around the island, I think we made the right choice, the slopes in Teshima are even steeper and longer than that of Naoshima island.

The very first art work we visited at Teshima Island, Distant Memory. At first, it did look like a abandoned old house at far distance,  there's big tunnel is built by various wooden fixtures which are collected from various islands.

Then we walked around and came to a harbour We noticed there're two boats, one is old, another one is " invisible-like"? The entire boat is fitted with mirrors, the artwork named as Trace Blue but I would named it as Chameleon Boat since it looks like it reflects/changes its colour to blend into the surrounding. Very interesting.

There's a gigantic installation at the beach site too. Beyond the border - the ocean, It designed by a Taiwanese artist Lin Hsuen Long.

View from inside.

It seems there is something going on up there.

It's Big Bambu! But it's still under construction, this work was not fully done yet when I went there.

After Big bambu, we took a bus to Teshima Art Museum.

Place where we had our lunch.

Teshima Art museum, shaped like a waterdrop created by artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa. Also, photographing is prohibited, I couldn't share more photos on this. For more photos, you can refer to this website

Another side, there is another " drop of water".

It's a cafe! Likewise, there is a opening on top. This is to create a space with a fusion of artwork,environment, art and architecture.

Again, we headed to another very modern cafe - Il Vento (means the wind), though outside it looks like a normal Japanese traditional house. It can also known as Was du liebst, bringt dich auch zum weinen (means what you love makes you cry), designed by German artist Tobias Rehberger.


Teshima is one of the most interesting place I've visited in Japan. There are so many things to see to satisfy our eyes.

 Stay tuned for the  last destination of my artistic tour, chao.


By Leeming

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