Recommended 2D1N Learn & Eat Stay-cation in Seremban

Hello from Tabiyo! So we are celebrating Malaysia Day on 16 September! There will be a calligraphy workshop by Joy & Sharon on that day, and also a gift wrapping workshop by YF on the next day. How about having a "2 days 1 night learn & eat" Stay-cation in Seremban?

Here is our recommended itinerary for your good reference!

Day 1 (16 Sep) Saturday:

- Lunch at Restoran Yi Poh for their famous Lou Xu Fen,

- Join Copperplate Calligraphy workshop conducted by Joy & Sharon.

- Dinner at Seremban Seafood Village for baked crab. Not a crab person or looking for halal food? Try this - R&K Satay house!

- Not tired yet? Hang out at Uptown Seremban 2 for cafe hopping!

Accommodation recommendation:

- Hotel: Hotel Royale Chulan

- Guesthouse: Sun Lun Yik

Day 2 (17 Sep) Sunday:

- Morning walk at Seremban Lake Garden, for fresh breeze and enjoy the historical architecture (library and istana) in that area. Breakfast at Pasar Besar Seremban, look for famous Mee Hoon Sotong, Beef Noodle and etc. (before 10am!).

- Browse Sunday flea market, or visit Negeri Sembilan State Museum which also features philately and stamp gallery.

- Lunch at Restoran Kwong Sang for fishball noodle, or Kedai Makanan Teo Hing for Teo Chew Porridge. Or rojak/ cendol at Haji Sharriff Cendol.

- Attend gift wrapping workshop by YF.

- Queue for famous Siew Pao souvenir at Kedai Siew Pau Asia.

- Dinner at Restoran Bo Kee & You, famous for fish head meehoon. 


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