10 Recommended Stationery Shop in TOKYO

HELLO from Tabiyo! We recently visited Tokyo and discovered some of the hidden gems such as Kitchijoji(吉祥寺), Koenji(高円寺), Mitaka(三鷹), Tsutsujigaoka(つつじヶ丘), Shimokitazawa(下北沢)and etc. We would like to share some of our favorite stationery shop with all of you as fellow travelers. We hope that you will find it useful for your next adventure :)

Most of the stationery shop in Japan are very compact (less than 500 sqft?), we are very impressed with the way of their product display, and spotted many vintage wooden furniture (drawers.. and paper slots!) in almost every shop. 

Notes: All the shops are within walking distance (about 8-15 mins) from train station. Most of the directions are available in their official website.

大家好!小店放了個長假回來了!以半工作性質前往最愛的日本,繼續探索未完成的東京。在尋找比較有個性的小文具店的過程中,發掘到了不一樣的東京。去的地方在基本的地鐵路線是找不到的,例如:吉祥寺,高円寺,三鷹,つつじヶ丘,下北沢,等。希望這篇文章對你們下一次的東京游會有幫助 :)


Let's start now!



One of my favorite shop which is selling vintage papers, old paper bags, envelopes, postcards, stamps and all sort of ephemera. Most of the items are locally sourced from Japan as well as from overseas. What I love from this shop is that they are selling Japanese printing paper which commonly use in Mizushima


  • Website: hachimakura.com
  • Nearest train station: 高円寺 Koenji station (JR Line) - about 5 mins walk
  • Map here
  • Opening Hours: 1pm - 9pm, Closed on Monday & Tuesday

        Lunch tips: 

        Since the shop opens at 1pm, you can have your lunch at Koenji area. I visited Cafe Bumbuku カフェ分福 - a small and cosy cafe that serve good lunch and drinks with beautiful cafe settings. Alternatively, for a more authentic Japanese food, you can try Tensuke 天すけ for a good tempura lunch. 


          2. 36 Sublo

          36 Sublo is a cosy stationery shop located at the first floor. You can find many merchandise such as wooden stamps and some other paper products were actually produced by themselves. Other than that, most of their products are from Mizushima, Life, Classiky and etc. Also, they do have some household items such as handkerchief and tote bag.

          36 Sublo

          • Website: www.sublo.net
          • Nearest train station: 吉祥寺 Kichijoji station (Keio Inokashira Line) - about 5 mins walk
          • Map here
          • Opening Hours: 12pm - 8pm, Closed on Tuesday 


            3. Giovanni

            Giovanni feels like a museum with a wide range of sealing wax, traditional European stationery such as feather pens, glass fountain pens, ink, letter set and etc. If you are a wax seal fans, you will definitely want to mark this place on your coming Japan stationery hunting trip.

            You will walk pass a street filled with beautiful shops and cafe when you are heading to Giovanni.


            • Website: www.giovanni.jp
            • Nearest train station: 吉祥寺 Kichijoji station (Keio Inokashira Line) - about 8 mins walk
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 11am - 8pm, Closed on Wednesday

            Dessert tips:

            If you are craving for good dessert, the soft and fluffy ("fuwa-fuwa") pancake at Gram, Kichijoji is highly recommended. 


            4. Kakimori/ Ink Stand by Kakimori

            Kakimori’s range of pens, inks and letter sets are chosen on the basis of how comfortable they are to use, and customers are welcome to try out the fountain pens in store. Another highlight is about the made-to-order notebooks, with an infinitely customizable selection of covers, paper and bindings available.

            Next to the shop is Ink Stand by Kakimori. It looks like a laboratory where you can customize the color of ink. Remember to make an appointment in advanced to ensure your visit.


            • Website: www.kakimori.com
            • Nearest train station: 蔵前 Kuramae station (Tokyo Metro Line) - about 5 mins walk
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 12pm - 7pm, Closed on Monday


            5. Yamada Stationery

            From here, you can find lots of "nostalgic stationery with stories" and bring you back to your childhood time. Various selection of stationery from school to office supplies. This is also one of the much "spacious" stationery shop from the list.

            Yamada Stationery

            • Website: yamadastationery.jp
            • Nearest train station: 三鷹 Mitaka station (JR Line, transit at Kichijoji Station) - about 8 mins walk
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 11am - 7pm (Monday - Friday), 11am - 8pm (Weekends/ PH) 


            6. Day's

            Compact yet stylish shop filled with stationery and office supplies. What impressed me is the way the owner making use of cardboard/ foam board to create different layers and dividers to suit every products in different sizes.


            • Website: www.days-st.com
            • Nearest train station: 高円寺 Koenji station (Same area as Hachimakura) - about 5 mins walk
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 1pm - 8pm (Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday)


            7. Tegamisha

            Apart from a stationery shop or a cafe, Tegamisha also act a role as organizer for most of the major event such as the recent 紙博 "Paper Expo" and  東京蚤の市 Tokyo Flea Market. Currently, they have 3 shops, one is the main shop located at Tsutsujigaoka, which is in a housing area. The main shop is serving light food and drinks and minimum stationery. As for the other 2 shops which is in another area (about 15 mins walk from main shop), has a wide varieties of stationery, household products, fashions, books and magazine. Tegamisha is one of the highly recommended stationery shop to visit.

            (LEFT) Tegamisha main shop; (RIGHT) Ground floor - 本とコーヒー (Books & Coffee), First floor - Tegamisha 2nd Storey

            Tegamisha Books & Coffee - Browsing books/ magazine while having a sip of coffee in this cosy shop.. What to ask more..?

            Tegamisha つつじヶ丘本店 (Main shop at Tsutsujigaoka)

            • Website: www.tegamisha.com
            • Nearest train station: つつじヶ丘 Tsutsujigaoka station (about 10 mins walk)
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 11am - 6pm (Closed on Monday)
            • Serve set lunch, coffee and desserts (limited menu)

            Tegamisha 2nd Storey / Tegamisha Book & Coffee(Branch at Shibasaki)

            • Website: www.tegamisha.com
            • Nearest train station: 柴崎 Shibasaki station (about 3 mins walk from station, or 15 mins walk from Tegamisha main shop)
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: (2nd storey) 12pm - 11pm; (Book & Coffee) 12pm - 8pm (Closed on Monday)
            • Serve food, coffee and desserts


            8. Traveler's Factory STATION

            The latest addition of Traveler's Factory, located at the underground of Tokyo Station, has its grand opening on 27 April 2017. There are a lot of effort put into the interior of this shop, by using the actual rail road and also a modified container. You can get the special TRAIN edition and accessories from here. 

            Traveler's Factory STATION


            9. Traveler's Factory

            The flagship store of Traveler's Factory, also one of my favorite shop to visit. There is a open area upstair where you can have a cup of coffee while journalling or writing a postcard. They do sell stamps and postal service to save your time from searching for post office. Apart from the special edition in STATION or AIRPORT, you can find full range of Traveler's Factory items from this store.

            Traveler's Factory NAKAMEGURO (Flagship Shop)

            • Website: www.travelers-factory.com
            • Nearest train station: Nakameguro station (JR Line) - about 5 mins walk
            • Map here
            • Opening Hours: 12pm - 8pm (Closed on Tuesday)
            • Serve drinks


            10. Traveler's Factory AIRPORT

            If your flight is depart from Narita instead of Haneda, you are so fortunate to be able to visit this in Narita airport (before departure gate). Do used up all your remaining YEN for last minute shopping from here. Special AIRPORT edition and accessories are available here.

            Traveler's Factory AIRPORT


            Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy our recommendations! If you are planning a visit to our shop, feel free to flip through YF's travel journal!

            YF's Journal Essential (For Travel)

            1. Traveler's Notebook (Regular Size) + 1 refill + 020 Kraft File + 024 Pen Holder Sticker

            2. Brass Date Stamp (pre-stamp the date before departure, 3-4 pages for each day)

            3. Brass Fountain Pen (Fine nib) and Kaweco Fountain Pen (Extra Fine nib) + one roller ballpoint pen

            4. Midori CL Compact Scissor

            5. Loose paper from Classiky and Tosawashi

            6. Geometric seals from Classiky and Shapes stamp from Mizushima to enhance the layout

            7. Washi tapes which can also use as double-sided tape

            8. Adhesive tapes

            9. Instax SP-2 printer



            Wow thanks! More places to go next time.

            On my trip to Tokyo this April, I made an appointment prior to my departure to concoct my own blend of fountain pen ink. It was a great experience but the choice of which end of colour spectrum to start was bewildering and all to be done within 40-45 mins. The staff were very friendly and in particular one of female staff whose English was really good remembered me from year before when I went to their pop up store in Urasando.

            For those who are fountain pen fanatics, should check out Shosaikan in Aoyama. It is like a holy grail experience stocking fountain pens from all over the world. So beautiful. I almost went gaga in there.

            Rubics June 01, 2017

            Thank you so much for sharing these great tips! This is so detailed and informative. Hopefully you will have more blog posts in the future!

            Eln June 01, 2017

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