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The Art of Sending Love (Post No. 2)

Hello to paper lover out there!

Here is the second post for the art of sending love. This is a set of packaging that I've prepared to showcase in #tabiyo92. Finally, I managed to did my first cylinder wrap which gave me so much satisfaction! Hope you like it too!

Self-initiate project - "The Art of Giving" (22 February 2017) 


A. Cylinder Wrap (Washi Tape Set of 3) - I follow the wrapping instruction from a Japanese Gift Wrapping book, you can also refer to this link for video which I find it very useful. 


1. Base: Wrapping Paper from Tosawashi Products - Letterpress Washi Letter Paper (The successful rate is higher when using thin/ soft paper, especially when you need to fold the pleats)

2. "Obi"/ "Belt": Tosawashi Calendar

3. Paper Twine by Paperphine

4. Dot Seals from Drop Around x Classiky to seal the top and bottom 

B. Petite gift (TTLB Paper Clips


1. Mizushima Letter Writting Set - Dots as wrapping paper

2. Any paper to make a paper "ribbon"(width - about 1cm), secure it with eyelet

3. Mizushima Rotary Stamp - Greetings - Leave a message in 168 ways with 13 messages and 13 icons. Back in stock around mid of March.

C. Japanese Traditional Fan Wrapping - Instruction link here.


1. A square box

2. Wrapping Paper 

3. Mizushima Gofuku Tags, stamp it with Mizushima Rotary Stamps

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy and have fun trying it out! :)


February 27, 2017 by Yen Fong LAM
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